From the Carrier main tab, click on the Name of the Carrier and navigate to the Cost Setting tab at the top.

Click "Add Equipment Settings" button to add a new equipment type, or click the "Update Hauling" button to modify an existing equipment type.

1. Select your equipment type from the available list. The entries in this list vary by region of operation, they include: Boxes, Pneumatic, Hopper, Flatbed, etc.

2. Select a basin of operation from the available list, or select All Basins.

3. Pick Hauling Method for this equipment type from the available list:

    Per MT (Per Metric Ton) - Cost will be applied to each Metric Ton (1,000 kilograms or 2,205 pounds) hauled in a load

    Per ST (Per Short Ton) - Cost will be applied to each Short Ton (2,000 pounds or 907 kilograms) hauled in a load

    Per Mile - Cost will be applied to each mile traveled during the load (this value is entered in the Terminals section within Job Settings)

    Per Hour - Cost will be applied to each hour the load the load is active from time of arriving at loader until delivery

    Flat - Cost is a flat rate based on total mileage. If Fixed Cost is picked all loads will be the same price, if Tier Rates is picked the cost will be picked from Mileage Tier

4. Pick from Tier Rates or Fixed Cost and enter in Cost for that method

    Fixed Cost: Cost will be applied the same for each unit of hauling for a load

    Fixed Cost Example: Fixed Cost for Metric Tons set at $10, if a load contains 25 Metric Tons the total would be $250

    Tier Rates: Cost will be applied differently depending on how many total units of hauling are in the load. Use the green "+" button to add additional tiers

    Tier Rates Example: Tier rates for Metric Tons are set at 1-10 with a cost of $10, 11-20 with a cost of $20, and 21-30 with a cost of $30, if the load contains 25 Metric Tons it would fall into the 21-30 bracket and     each Metric Ton would be $30 for a total of $750

5. Enter in Deadhead Cost (used when having to relocate a driver hauling an empty trailer)

6. Enter in Equipment Not Used Cost (used when cancelling loads)

7. Click "Next" button to enter in Demurrage Rates and Rules if creating new equipment type, or if updating costs click "Update Setting" button to save changes