Click the driver icon on the left hand side of the screen.

Select "Add Driver." After selecting "Add Driver" you will have the option to enter the drivers number.

If the driver already exists in the system his/her name will show up in the dropdown.

If the driver does not already exist in the system, click the "Next" button to begin new driver creation

Necessary Information for New Drivers:

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number (must be unique)

Temporary Password (can be changed by driver once they log in for the first time)

Email Address (must be unique)

Notification Type: SMS, Phone Call, or Both (this is how the driver will be notified for load updates)

Optional Information for New Drivers:

Truck Number

Trailer Number

Vendor Code

Driver Code

Track Interval

Date of Birth

License Number

License Expiration

Once all necessary information is entered, click the "Add Driver" button to save.