PropDispatch Web v1.7.0 - September 16th, 2020

New Features

The Web v1.7.0 adds a few exciting features as well as expanding on Water Hauling Development


  • Asset Moves
    • Full PropX Box Moves - You can now move boxes from one destination to another via asset moves so that the inventory and tickets with the boxes will move with it.
    • Per Box Rate Type - When setting up hauling rates for asset moves, you can now rate it at cost per box.


  • Seconds are now displayed on reporting to indicate when item exactly events occurred


  • Hauling Template issue - Same rates were not allowed to be created per basin or quipment type


  • iOS - 1.3.3 - Release Date September 16th, 2020 (may not be available until 18th)
  • Android - 0.3.4 - Release Date September 16th, 2020
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