PropDispatch Web v1.8.2 - February 25th, 2021

New Features

  • Load Status
    • You can now see the number of trucks that you have assigned to and accepted an order under the Assigned column.
    • For a simple view of the active number of trucks on a job, we have added an Active trucks widget to the loads summary
  • Load transfers are now being considered in the loads Status widget
  • When a Job is marked complete, add the job end date automatically
  • When the Drivers ETA to the destination is more than 30 minutes, it will turn red
  • PropX boxes - Ability to cancel delivered asset loads
  • Water Only
    • Carrier assignment is now required for all loads
    • New Chart on dashboard for Last 24 hours vs daily average volume
    • Allow pads to be moved between regions
    • Additional columns and sorting in the Reconcile tab
    • Additional Filters in Reconcile (Carrier, Pad, Date, Disposal Well, Volume, Alert type)
    • Order Status by pad filter by status
    • Ability to reroute a driver in mobile (only the most recent version of the mobile app)


  • Jobs Basin lists are now shoing in alphabetical order
  • NexStage Silo inventory view issue resolved
  • Pricing rates were not recalculated when volume was changed
  • Select All batch button sticking sometimes
  • Stage report well # filter not working
  • Loads overview carrier update issue
  • Water
    • Inactive carriers will no longer appear in order list


  • iOS - 1.3.5
  • Android - 0.3.5

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