PropDispatch Release Notes - v1.9.0 - March 30th, 2022

New Features

  • On PropX loads, you can now add a fuel surcharge

  • Shift Tracking and Driver check in

    • We now track a shift that we can tie to loads that a driver completes from check in to check out. This is coupled with a change in the driver app for them to check in to start the shift for the day. Find out more here 

  • Hauling templates now have a daily surge pricing feature to automatically apply a new price book to rates based on hour of the day

  • Added columns to the Reconcile all module

  • New driver profile fields

    • Shift tag to designate a driver as AM or PM

    • You will see a customer and Zone tab. This is linked to some other projects we are currently working on, but are not usable right now.

  • On the Water Reconcile Tab, we added delivered date time to the columns, made it sortable, and made all of the filters multiselect.

  • Redesigned how purchase orders are viewed to match the insights tab

  • Mobile - You can now see active trucks as a supervisor in the mobile view

  • We made the lat long hyperlink so you can open google maps easily and added a copy button to help share the lat long.

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