PropDispatch Release Notes - v1.9.2

New Features

  • Wet Box Tagging
    • System does not allow Wet Sand product types to be loaded into Dry sand boxes
      • Stops a load from being assigned to them if there are dry sand boxes in their possession
      • Email notification is sent to the job users when a driver is blocked due to the box error
      • Stops a load at the terminal if the driver scans boxes that are dry and is loading a wet product type
    • Added the moisture field to track the moisture percentage at destination and delivered
    • We now have a Proppant type that we can assign to boxes (Wet or Dry)
    • Products will be defined in the back end now as a Wet Product or a dry product
  • Box Updates
    • During the course of a load, you can now remove a box or add a box (up to 2)
    • When forcing drivers to scan empty boxes, add the ability to bypass entering the boxes
    • Empty boxes have been added into the update load form
    • Improvements made to see which boxes the driver currently has in their possession and be able to update them
  • Other New Features
    • There is a new field in the Terminal setup to indicate how many turns you think that terminal should yield, called "Expected Turns"
    • Geofence is now able to extend to 10,000 meters instead of just 2,000
    • Purchase Orders widget on the Job Insights tab can convert to short tons now
    • In the Reports section, when you add / remove columns this will save in between logins for your user account
    • The Invoices report now has the ability to download all of the loads associated with the invoice
    • The Invoices report PDF download now has the load bonus and the fuel surcharge added to the invoice
    • In the Loads overview and reconcile status report, the load bonus field can now be seen
    • Asset loads will now have fuel surcharge applied to them
    • Reconcile all now shows the delivered date column

Issues Fixed

  • Some driver users were not visible
  • Load bonuses were not visible for some loads
  • Delivered Volumes in Job Insights not updating
  • Driver check in will now be forced by the server to improve it's accuracy

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