PropDispatch Release Notes - v 1.9.8 - September 7th, 2023

New Features

  • Box Management Updates
    • In Box Management, you can now pull up the history for a single box. This history has been revamped to show the order in which events should happen to be able to more easily idenfify problems.
    • New logic to show more relative data on where the box was last seen on the Box Management page
    • We now are tracking how many wet boxes that you have in the field
    • Marking a box on the road now requires that you have a special permission
    • Add permission for "Edit Box Master Data" and make only available to Admins and Dispatcher Admins
  • We updated how you can reset your password to get an email and take you to a page where you can reset it.
  • The reconciled status report will now include asset moves to be viewed
  • Carrier APIs now include the cost tiers when calling the API (Find the documentation here)
  • Reference 1 fields now show in the terminals and destinations list
  • When building users that are a part of the crew, there is now a search bar to find the user more easily
  • Box Stage Reports will now include a dry weight pumped amount in it

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with boxes being emptied temporarily
  • Resolved issue with New carriers being able to access the app
  • Resolved issue with Google maps removing the approved mileage in the Job setup
  • Resolved dry weight rounding issues on the stage reports for PropX boxes
  • Resolved issue with the loads overview report 
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