Advanced Settings – Unique breakdowns for demurrage caps

Multiple Loads – Set a maximum cap across multiple loads

    No. of Loads - Amount of loads available for demurrage within a certain time frame before demurrage is cancelled out

    Dem. Reset Period in Hours (i.e. 12, 24) - Designate the reset period for demurrage to begin accruing again (Based on Appointment Time)

Advanced Demurrage Example: Multiple Loads Rule

Free Time at Terminal – 15 Minutes

Demurrage Rate at Terminal – $60/hr

Free Time at Destination – 15 Minutes

Demurrage Rate at Destination - $60/hr

Max Cap at Terminal – 30 Minutes

Max Cap at Destination – 30 Minutes

Advanced: Multiple Loads

Number of Loads:3

Reset Period: 24 Hrs

Driver Bob does two loads, first appointment time at 11am and second at 5pm. Both loads he spends one hour at terminal and one hour at destination, he accrues 30 minutes from both terminal and destination on each load for a total of 120$.

    If driver Bob finishes his day after his second load and waits 24 hours after his first load to start back up, his demurrage is good and will be paid.

    If driver Bob goes for a third load with an appointment time of 10am, the demurrage from all 3 loads will be cancelled out and he will receive $0 demurrage because he went over the load cap.