At Terminal status displays Load Number, Carrier, Product, PO Number, Load Weight, Terminal, Time of Arrival at Loader, Appointment Time, and Status

Use Action Buttons to change Status to In Transit, View Details, Update Load, Transfer, Cancel, or Delete load

When pushing through to In Transit: enter in Ticket Number, Weight, Box Number (Optional), Upload Image of Scale Ticket, and any additional comments before saving

Technical Note: Enable Flash in web browser to upload files



The Pickup Point asks for the following information:

  • In Transit Time: The time the driver leavese the pad
  • Tank Information: The information associated with the tank
    • Pre Level: The level in the tank prior to the driver loading their trailer
    • Post Level: The level in the tank after the driver loads their trailer
    • Gauge Pre Level: A picture of the gauge before
    • Gauge Post Level: A picture of the gauge after
  • Volume Picked Up: The volume loaded onto the driver's trailer
  • Paperwork: A picture of the ticket that was dropped off at the pickup location