PD NextGen mobile application is currently not available to all devices on the Google Play Store. You will need to download the Amazon App Store to your device to be able to gain access to the application

Step 1: Getting the Amazon App Store on your Android Device.

NOTE: If you already have the Amazon App Store on your device, you can skip step 1.

It is recommended that your use the Chrome browser to perform this step.

On your phone, go to the Amazon app Store download page and tap the button that says "Get Amazon Appstore"



You may get a message that says "File might be harmful". Click "Download Anyway" to continue.

This will download a file to your phone. From there, you can click "Open".

Next you will get a prompt that will allow your browser to install applications on your phone. Click "Settings" to continue.

This will navigate you to a page that will allow you to allow installation of apps from this source. Tap the toggle to continue.

Now you will be prompted to install the Amazon App Store. Click "Install" to continue.

You have not installed the Amazon App Store! You will need to use an amazon account to get into the store. You can either use the account you have on your phone by clicking continue or create another account . Please visit Amazon support for how to do that.

Step 2: Download and install the app from the Amazon app store

Search for "PD NextGen" and when it shows up tap "Get". You can also find it be clicking here: PD NextGen

Now you will need to give the Amazon App Store the ability to install apps on your phone. Tap "Continue" to move forward.

Next you will get a prompt that will take you to the settings. Tap" Go to Settings".

This will take you to the Install unknown apps screen. Tap on the "Amazon Appstore".

Now toggle the button to "Allow from this Source"

Now you can go back to the amazon app store and it should tell you that you have completed all of the necessary steps. Now you can click "Continue"

 Tap "Get" on the PD logo again and click "Download"

You will receive a prompt asking if you want to install. Click "Install".

Depending on your phone, you may get a message like below saying that the app is blocked. You can bypass this by clicking the small arrow and clicking "Install anyway". This is popping up because it is not going through the google play store.

The app will now download and be installed on your phone! Once installed you can log in and run the application like normal.