If you are in need of a new account to use the mobile app please contact your local system administrator (usually dispatch or logistics department) to have an account created for you.

You will need the following information for a new driver account:


Phone Number

Email Address

Truck Number

Trailer Number

Other Misc. Info such as: Driver Code, certifications and expiration dates, CDL info, etc. (these are company specific)

Preferred type of notification (Text, Phone Call, or Both) - This is how you will be notified about updates for your loads

You will need the following information for a new supervisor account:

Necessary Information

First Name

Last Name

Email Address (must be unique)

Temporary Password (can be changed by user after their first login)

Role (supervisor, dispatch, etc) - This will determine permissions and level of access within your company

Optional Information: Notification Type (Text, Phone Call, or both) and Address