The main screen is divided in to three tabs: Driver Status, Settings, and Loads

Driver Status:

Allows you to change your profile picture and switch between on and off duty with the slider

If you are available for a load use the slider to put yourself on duty

If you are not available for  a load put yourself off duty

Loads can only be assigned to drivers that are on duty


Toggle Auto-Login feature on and off

Change your password

Edit truck and trailer numbers

Edit your profile

Loads Tab:

Displays your Current and Previous loads, navigate between them using the tabs at the top

Each load that displays on the main page will be an at a glance view showing you the starting point, ending point, load number, sand type, and at the top right will be the load status (Assigned, Accepted, At Loader, In Transit, At Destination, Delivered)

Drivers can be assigned multiple loads but can only accept and complete one load at a time (One Active Load Only)

Use the magnifying glass icon to search for completed loads

Clicking on a completed load will display detailed information about that load such as times, ticket information, etc.

Clicking on an assigned load will pull up the acceptance screen where you can either accept or reject the load. Green button for Accept, Red button for Reject