1. Each load follows the same steps: Assigned > Accepted > At Loader > In Transit > At Destination > Delivered

2. Each step MUST be completed to move on to the next step, if you fail to complete one of the steps along the way you must contact your system administrator to fill in the missing information before you can continue to the next step.

3. During each step of the process, special notes for that step will be at the bottom of your screen. You may need to scroll down to see them.

4. During transition from step to step there will be a comment box available to put any special notes about your load for reference purposes later on. (Example: delayed due to train crossing, or got a flat tire on the way)


Load information such as load number, terminal information, destination information, product type, and PO number will be displayed along with the Accept and Reject buttons.


Details for load displayed:

Load number, PO Number, Product Type, Carrier Name, Terminal Details, Destination Details, Special Notes (at the bottom), other miscellaneous info that is load related

Click the “Check In Terminal” button to move to next step. You will either be checked in automatically based on your geofence and location or will be prompted to scan a QR code if geofence is not available.