There are two different types of check in and check out processes: Geofence and QR Code


Location based service, picks up on your gps position from your phone

When you are within the borders of a “Geofence” the system will automatically recognize you are in the proper location and allow you to check in and out with the push of a button

QR Code:

Backup system for check in and check out processes

If your GPS is unavailable, if you have no signal, or if you run into problems you will be prompted to scan a “QR Code” in order to move to the next step

QR Codes are normally posted at entry and exit or a centralized location at both terminals and destinations

When prompted to scan a QR Code the app will pull up your phones camera, simply point the camera at the QR Code and put all 4 borders of the code within the provided frame on your screen and the system will verify your location to continue.

If your phone is having difficulties picking up the QR code try cleaning the camera, improving the lighting on the QR code, or removing any glares if it is a glossy surface

If an error is displayed saying “Invalid QR Code” or “Invalid Terminal/Destination” you may be using the wrong posted QR Code or be at the wrong location, double check with your system administrator before continuing.