1. Once at loader your next step is to get loaded.

2. Once you are loaded enter in your Scale Ticket information and take a picture of your scale ticket.

Information Needed:

Scale Ticket Number

Load Weight

Other equipment specific information such as box numbers

Click on the camera icon to upload a picture of your scale ticket. You will be prompted with two different options: “Use Camera” or “Load from Library”

    “Load from Library” will open your phones storage to select an image you took previously to be uploaded as your scale ticket


    “Use Camera” will open your phones camera to take a picture of your scale ticket on the spot. Place the ticket on a flat and well-lit surface, allow the camera to focus, and take the picture.

    •Make sure any picture that gets uploaded is clear and legible to be used for accounting and reference purposes later on.

3. Once ticket information is entered in and the picture has been uploaded click on the “Save” Button where you will be prompted to confirm that the information provided is accurate. If all the information is accurate click the green “confirm” button to continue or click “No” to go back and edit.

4. Once all your information is saved and uploaded you will be returned to the active load screen which will now display your load information along with your scale ticket information.

5. To proceed to “In Transit” click the “Check Out Terminal” button, if geofence is available it will automatically check you out when you click the button otherwise scan the same QR code as before to move to check out.