Find and select the job are wanting to order a load under.

Find the Loads tab at the tops of the page.

Select "+ Order Load"

After selecting "+ Order Load" you will need to select the following:

 - Select Product - Product type you want to order.

 - Select PO - PO you want to use for the order.

 - No. of Loads - Number of Loads that need to be ordered.

 - Select Terminal - The facility that you want the product to be picked up at.

 - Select Carrier - The company that you want to pick the product up.

 - Appt Time (Optional) - The time that you want to product to arrive at the Destination.

 - In Minutes - Interval in the rate you want the appt times placed.

 - Stage (Optional) - The stage number that the product will be used on.

Click save after you have selected all of the details for the order.