Go to Settings > Assets > Tank Assets

Tank Assets are used by drivers to identify they are picking up from the correct location as well as validating measurements for Reconciling a pickup.

To add a tank:

Click +Tank Asset to add a tank

There are several fields here:

  • Serial Number: This is the serial number associated with identifying the tank
  • Board Number: This is the National Board Number associated with identifying the tank. If there is no national board number for the tank, then put the serial number here again
  • Manufacturer: This is the manufacturer that made the tank. If the tank manufacturer is not in the list, please contact support@propdispatch.com to have it added
  • Level Unit: The unit of measure on the gauge for the tank that the driver will read
  • Min Level: The lowest level on the gauge of the tank
  • Max Level: The highest level on of gauge of the tank.
  • Size (Barrels): This is how many barrels of water can fit in the tank

To remove a tank:

Click on the actions buttons and select remove. This will remove the tank from your environment.