The reroute option is there if a situation occurs where the disposal water facility is out of service or if the user needs to take a different course of action.  In this solution, you will see how to perform the reroute feature in PropDispatch.

1) The user will go to the job of the order/load that needs to be rerouted.  This path will take you there Water > Dispatch > Job > Loads > Action.

2) In the action section as stated above, the user can decide to reroute the driver when they're status is in the following. **Ordered, At pickup point, in transit or At Disposal Facility** 

3) Once the user is ready to reroute the driver, the user will decide which disposal facility to reroute the driver to.  The path to follow is Action > Reroute, you will see a pop-up box that says "reroute"  then you will see your selection of disposal facility to choose from once you have selected make sure you save.

4) Items to keep in mind when selecting a reroute.

  • You have to be the lead on the job in order to add a disposal facility.
  • If you are the lead and do not see your disposal facility in company settings > Locations > Disposal Facilities please create a support ticket to request one to be added to the system.
  • If you are a carrier and need to reroute a driver, a recommendation would be to contact the lead of the job.
  • The driver will get a text message of the updated disposal facility via mobile phone.