PropDispatch Script – Water Training video


Drivers Welcome to the PropDispatch driver training video; our goal is to make you efficient and effective in using PD NextGen. We will show you how to; our

  1. Gain access and navigate the application
  2. Review the details of an assigned order
  3. How to use the app when delivering Water Orders


Gain access. Navigate the application

To gain access, you will need to download the app at the Android google play store or the iPhone app store. We have provided links in the description. You will need a profile set up by your carrier administrator or dispatch. You need to give them the following information:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Cell Phone number
  3. Email Address
  4. Truck and trailer number


Important Notes:

To get optimal performance, you must allow PD NextGen the following

Your location services. Camera access and notifications and all other apps should be closed while running loads in PD NextGen.


Navigate the application


Now its time to navigate through PD NextGen,

  1. Enter your cell phone number and password to log in
  2. Confirm your truck and trailer


Let's review the three tabs at the bottom

Status, Loads, and Settings


The status sections are where you can make yourself available or unavailable by sliding the arrow. Slide to the left to be unavailable and to the right to be

If available, you might want to send a text message to dispatch so they know as well.   You can also add a profile pic if you wish.,


load'sThe load's tab is where you will see new loads and previous loads. When assigned a new load, you will see it in current loads to review, and you can also review previous loads that you have completed.,


The settings allow you to configure the ability to auto-login, edit your profile information, change your password, change your truck/trailer number, and log out.


Reviewing the details of an assigned order

When you are assigned an order, PropDispatch will send you a notification via text to the phone number in your profile to notify you to log into the app. Once logged in, you can navigate to the loads tab and review the details. load's

Here you should see an assigned order of the load that you have been given or assigned. If you do not see it, you may be in an area with poor cellular reception. You can try tapping on the circle in the top right-hand corner to force a refresh.

Click on the detail button of the summary card to open the order.

Here you will see three tabs. The first tab will show a summary of all of the information on the load.

  • The load number of the order
  • The carrier you are running with
  • The Appt time – (if necessary)
  • The name of the pickup location you will be arriving at
  • The name of the disposal facility

The second tab is the map view. This will display the pickup location and the disposal facility on a map and their geofences.

The last tab is the Notes tab. This tab will show any special notes that the customer wants to communicate to you before accepting the load they would like you to acknowledge.

After you review all of the information, you can now either Accept OR Reject the load. If you choose to reject the load, then this load will be removed from your current loads and will appear as rejected to the dispatcher. If you accept the load, then it will start the load on your application.

Running a load on PropDispatch with Water Loads.

When beginning the load, you will tap accept again on the notes provided. It will show all the details that you saw when you accepted the load, and you can visit those as you did when you first reviewed it.

At the bottom of the screen, you will notice an At Pickup Point button. This button will only work if you are in range of the battery tank you are picking up. If you are at the pickup location and you believe this is a mistake, please contact your dispatch and they can help you proceed with the load.,

Please tap At the pickup point. This will pull up a new screen where you can type any comments you feel as necessary; Once completed you will save. them

You will enter the volume picked up and enter the pre-level, and post-level gauge levels than requested to take pictures of the gauge pre level and post level.,

Once you have entered everything, tap save. You will get a message asking you to confirm that the information is accurate. If you need to double-check your work, select no and review. Otherwise, you can hit confirm.

Now you will depart the pickup point. You will see a red bar at the bottom and will tap to depart. You will have another option to enter any comments that is necessary and save them. are

Now the application will show you in transit. You will see the pickup point and below that, you will see the disposal facility you are unloading too. Next to the coordinates, you will see a yellow clipboard. If you tap on that, this will copy the lat./long and you can paste this into any GPS application that you use, and it will give you directions or the best route to go. Please be advised this is only a suggestion, and you should follow all rules of the road in the county or state.,uploading, advised

Once you arrive, please tap on the green bar below that states At Disposal Facility this will let the customer and your dispatch know that you have arrived once you have uploaded, you will now be requested to tap on the red bar below Depart disposal facility once you have done this you will be requested to enter the following information. Once asked

  • Volume delivered
  • SWD Ticket Number (Disposal ticket)
  • Truck Ticket (Carrier ticket)
  • Take a picture of the disposal ticket
  • Take a picture of the carrier truck ticket
  • Enter any necessary comments
  • Save

Here are some tips for taking a good picture: Make sure it is on a flat surface, all four corners of the paper are visible, there is proper lighting with no shadows, and the camera is in focus, so none of the text is fuzzy. Sometimes tapping on the screen when the camera is up can help focus the picture to make it better.

You will then get a notification asking if you want to remain available for more loads. If you do, then click yes; if not, then please select no so that dispatch does not assign you any loads while you are off duty.

This concludes the Driver app training for Water Loads. If you ever have any issues, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your time, and have a great day!