What does this do?

The Driver check in feature allows us to get an idea of when drivers are showing up to accept loads for the day. To get a load for the day the driver must click the check in button for the day. 

This will start a timer that will automatically check the driver out after 14 hours if the driver does not accept any loads or check themselves out. If the driver accepts a load, then the 14 hour timer will begin from the first load that was accepted during that shift.

Why the change?

This will help get some metrics for dispatch to start to get an idea of how many loads a driver can handle in a day depending on what jobs they are running. 

How does it work?

When opening PropDispatch, you will be greeted with the new home screen. There are two main things to note here:

  1. The Available / Unavailable Status has moved to the top of the screen
  2. The "CHECK IN" Button is in the middle of the screen

To check-in for you shift, simply tap the "CHECK IN" button and you will see the screen change to show when you checked in AND how much time is left until you are automatically checked out.

NOTE: This timer is set to run 14 hours from when you check in OR when you accepted your first load after checking in. 

After checking in, you should be able to accept any loads and proceed with work as usual. 

Troubleshooting issues

Problem: I can't accept the load because it is telling me that I need to check in.

Solution: Back out of the load and go to your home screen and hit the check in button. 

If you are still unable to check in, it may be that your status is UNAVAILABLE. For back to your home screen, select the status to update it to available. This should then allow you to accept the load.

Tap on the arrow next to the UNAVAILABLE status  >
Then tap on the word AVAILABLE to update your status

This should get you into a status that can get you loads. If you have any further issues, you can contact dispatch to assist or reach us at support@propdispatch.com.