PropDispatch has the ability to run a Spanish translation for Driver users only. This will allow all Spanish speaking drivers to see labels and other notes in their preferred language.

Updating this in the Mobile App

To update the language preference, the driver user can go to their settings and click Edit Profile.

From there, click on the last field, select "Spanish", tap OK and then tap SAVE

This will immediately move them to the Spanish version and this should complete the process. If the translation does not apply, then the driver may need to log out and then back into the application

From the Web

If the driver cannot update the language for some reason, it can be updated in their driver profile from the web. 

NOTE: If updated from the web, the driver will have to log out of the app and then back into the app for the change to take effect.

Find the driver user, click the actions icon, and select "Edit".

Find the "Language" Field, change it to "Spanish", and then click save to apply.

This concludes how to update the driver translation.