A wet sand box is a box with the top completely open so that a wet proppant type can pile up when being loaded. Due to the nature of this, dry sand boxes cannot be loaded with a wet proppant type because it will result in spillage of the product while the driver is moving.

PropDispatch manages this by limiting the the load from moving forward if the driver has one or more wet sand boxes in their possession. If the driver tries to move a product with a wet proppant type into a dry sand box, they will be unable to proceed until the boxes are changed to new boxes or the boxes are updated to a wet proppant type.

Unable to assign a load to driver 


If a load is dispatched to a driver with one or more dry boxes in their possession, the load will not be able to be assigned to that driver. A notification will appear letting you know that you are unable that load to that specific driver. 



Unable to move driver from At Terminal to In Transit

If a driver is at the terminal and scans one or more dry boxes with a wet sand load, that driver will be unable to proceed with the load until the driver scans boxes that are a wet proppant type or the boxes are updated from a dry proppant type to a wet proppant type.


FYI: Driver is able to proceed like normal with their load if they have 2 wet boxes with either a Dry sand product or a wet sand product.

Driver is showing more boxes when arriving at the Terminal than what they have 


This can happen if a driver scans an empty box after he delivers a load, picks up another load, and then gets assigned or scans different boxes at the terminal. PropDispatch will then see these boxes in the driver's possession since that driver was the last one seen with them. The driver will see a message like this when they arrive at the terminal when this happens:

To resolve this error, you will need to go to Box Management and select "Box Management". Find the boxes that are incorrect and then remove the driver's name from them.