In PropDispatch, products are an item that a driver will pick up for a load when you place an order. These products can drive different workflows depending on what you are ordering. For example, a product with a wet proppant type needs different information than a box with a wet proppant type. 

Step 1:

On the left side of the screen select the "Settings" icon

Step 2: 

Select Products in the settings and click on "+ Add Product"

Step 3:

Select the Product type from the dropdown that appears

  • Dry Proppant - proppant used for dry sand (ex: Pearl 100 Mesh)
  • Wet Proppant - proppant used for wet sand (ex: WET 40/140 MESH)
  • Chemical
  • Equipment
  • Dry Bulk

Step 4:

Select the product name that you need and select "Add Product"

IMPORTANT: If you do not see the product you need in that list, contact PropDispatch support so the product can be added to be used

Step 5:

Once you've added the product it will be available in your environment! This allows you to attach it to any Purchase Order in your environment to be later added to a job