Changing the box proppant type will match up the box proppant type with the product proppant type. Making sure these are set properly will ensure you do not get any errors on the load and allows the driver to continue with his load.

Step 1:

To change the product type on a box, select the "Box Management" icon on the far left side

Step 2:

Under Box Settings, select "Box Management"

Step 3:

Once you find the box, select the three dots under the "Action" column and select "Edit"

FYI: You can also search for the box number by using the search tool in the left corner.

Step 4:

When "Update Company Boxes" appears go to "Proppant Type" and click the drop down

Step 5: 

Once you select Dry or Wet for the "Proppant Type", select "Update"

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to update any other data unless you need to!

Step 6: 

This will update the box proppant type and will work with relevant products of that type