Once a load is placed and a driver accepts that load you will be able to track that load in the job until it is delivered. Also to help incentivize drivers to carry loads, load bonuses are created. A load bonus is applied in the job settings and set for a specific period of time. 

The load bonus will be applied to any load that is delivered during this period of time.

Step 1: 

Select a start time  and end time for the period you would like the bonus to be applied.

Step 2: 

Enter in the bonus amount you would like the load bonus to be. 

Step 3: 

Select the Unit Type from the dropdown. This will determine what factor the bonus amount will be applied to the load

  • Per Load - Load bonus is given per load a driver completes 
  • Per Ton – Load bonus is given based on the amount of that load in tons 
  • Per LBS – Load bonus is given based on the amount of that load in LBS 

Step 4: 

Changing the status will let PropDispatch know whether you want this bonus active or not. There are three statuses: 

  • Active – PropDispatch will load bonuses to drivers within the date and time parameters given 
  • Inactive – Load bonus is no longer being applied
  • Closed – Load bonus is reversed for that period of time

Step 5: 

Click Save and the load bonuses will be applied to the drivers based on the start and end times you entered for that job based on when the load was delivered