The zones created in the Zones tab will appear now in the Board tab and within each of those zones are the jobs and carriers that were added. Underneath the zone name shows how many drivers are actively on a load and how many loads are available .

IMPORTANT: Unassigned is when a driver has not yet been assigned to a load. Once the driver has been given a load they will move off the list.


Each driver whose carrier is in that zone will be visible here. The driver's card will the status of where they are for that load, Accepted, At Terminal, In-Transit, At Destination, or Delivered. The drivers card consists of:

  • Driver's Name
  • Shift - AM or PM shift
  • Carriers Name
  • Boxes
    1. Grey Box: Driver has box with a dry proppant type
    2. Blue Box: Driver has a box with a wet proppant type
    3. Red Box: Driver has no box in possession 
  • Ready for Load Time: 
  • Avg. Turns Per Shift
  • Queue Time
  • Loads Delivered: The number of loads delivered by the driver
FYI: The information icon will display all the drivers information including email and truck/trailer number.

When the vertical ellipsis is selected you are able to mark the driver as unavailable or check the driver in or out.

You can also search or filter drivers based on carrier, what shift they're on, or whether they're in the queue or assigned to a load. Once a driver has completed a load they will move into the queue to be assigned their next load. 


This are the loads that are ordered for jobs within each zone. Each load card consists of: 

  • Job Name
  • Load Number
  • Terminal
  • Product
  • Operator
IMPORTANT: To assign a driver to a load you can drag and drop them to that specific load or you can drag the load to the driver.

FYI: Using the search or filter icon can narrow down the job names if there is more than one job in a zone.