In PropDispatch once a load is created it then appears in Driver Deck so it can be assigned. A driver who is checked in for their AM or PM shift is then able to get assigned to a load within the Zone their carrier is running for.


Ordering and Assigning a Load

To order a load for DD, the load needs to be created in PropDispatch first. Once created in PropDispatch, the unassigned load will then appear in Driver Deck within that specific Zone for that job. 

Step 1: Once a load is ordered in PropDispatch, it will appear in Driver Deck to be given to a driver in that Zone.

Step 2: A driver will be assigned a load based on the order they are in within the queue.

Step 3: To assign a driver a load you will drag the driver's card to the load or drag the load to the driver's card.

Step 4: Once the driver has a load they will move through each load status 

Step 5: Once a driver is done delivering their load, they will move back to the queue waiting for another load to be assigned to them.

FYI: If you hover over the colored icons it will let you know if a driver is on a load or waiting to be assigned one

Hauling Rate Selection on Load Assignment

When assigning a driver a load and a carrier has multiple rates on a job, it will allow the user to select which rate that they want to  use.

Step 1: In the Board tab drag an available driver in the queue to the next waiting load

Step 2: If that carrier has multiple rates for that job a pop-up will appear allowing you to select which rate you would like to use.

IMPORTANT: If there aren't multiple rates for the carrier in that job, the prompt will NOT appear.