Managing your driver zone counts lets you know how many drivers are needed for each shift within each carrier. This also allows you to view how many drivers have checked in and checked out.


Zones Tab - Result Details

When creating Zones (hyperlink) there is a Results Details section where you are able to view the jobs and carriers based on the zone tags selected. Under “Results Details” is “Carrier” where you’re able to select “Add Target”. Here you can set numbers for the AM and PM shift for each carrier under that job  

Drivers- Zones 

Managing driver zone counts allows insight into how many drivers are available for loads ordered. 

Step 1: Once signed on to Driver Deck, select the “Drivers” tab and “Zones” will be on the right-hand side.

Step 2: Each zone created in the “Zones” tab will have their own card that shows how many drivers have checked in, available but not checked in, and the targeted amount of drivers needed for the shift.

Step 3: Next to each zone is “Checked In” and “Checked Out”. When selected it will show drivers that are currently checked in or checked out for that zone.

Step 4: When selecting the drop-down arrow on the right side of the card, all the carriers within that zone appear.

FYI: Selecting “Checked In” and “Checked Out” shows what drivers are in that status