Zones are what help build Driver Deck. They give the ability to manage the different jobs and carriers made in PropDispatch. Each zone can be created using job tags to filter through all active jobs and carriers to create a zone to view and load drivers.


Add Zone

The name of your zone will help you know which jobs and carriers are in each one. This will be the name used in the Boards tab and the Drivers tab. 

Step 1: Log into Driver Deck and select the Zones tab. Once at the Zones tab click "Add Zone"

Step 2: Type the name you would like for the zone and click "Add Zone"

FYI: Make sure to select "Active" for it to appear

Step 3: Within a zone you can add the following tags to get the job and carriers needed

  • Basin:
  • District:
  • Crew:
  • Jobs:

Step 4: Click "Add Zone" and the zone is created

Zone Settings

Zone Settings allows you to set up the shift start time for AM and PM shift. It also sets up the email or SMS notification for shift alerts for the different carriers.

Step 1:  In Zone Settings you can set up shift start time and email and SMS notification

  • Shift Start Time - Can select what time the AM and PM shift begins
  • Load Shift Assignment Buffer - A time period within that zone that allows the driver to deliver loads within that specific time range. If a driver tries to check before or after that time period they will be checked out with a text message notifying them that their shift hasn't start yet.

  • Email and SMS notification -  Within the email and SMS notification you can select who gets the shift alert to check in based on the carrier
    1. Supervisor Email or SMS notification - Notification shows where carriers stand for the AM or PM shift time
    2. Carrier Email or SMS notification - Notification shows drivers that have checked in and those who still need to check-in for their shift

IMPORTANT: If an individuals contact information is not found from PropDispatch then you can type in an email address or phone number

Step 2: Email and SMS notification setup is where you can build the email and SMS timing. This will allow you to select the amount of minutes you would like the notification to go out before the shift starts. If someone needs to be CC'd on the shift alert this can be done here. 

Result Details

The Result Details section shows the result of what was selected in Job Tags

  • Jobs - This tab shows the active jobs in PropDispatch and are the result of the job tags selected
  • Carriers - Carriers associated with the jobs will appear this section. This is where you will "Add Target". Adding a target will set how many drivers are needed for the AM or PM shift and will prevent drivers from being added to carriers who already have full shifts.