In the Reports section in PropDispatch, you are able to view invoices that have loads that were delivered within a set billing start and end date. 

Step 1: Go to the Report section and select Invoices

Step 2: Selecting "Download Report" will download all the invoices of the date range selected.

FYI: The format of which the information will be downloaded is in Excel or CSV.

Step 3: Invoices can also be downloaded individually by PDF or Excel file.

Step 4: Selecting "Search" will open up several ways to filter though the invoices

  • Using Date Range
  • Selecting by Job
  • Selecting by Invoice status - In Progress or Complete
  • Using the Invoice Number
  • Select by District
  • Select by Crew
  • Select by Carrier
  • Narrow down invoices by using the billing start date or billing end date