Notes in the Zone are meant to be a place where you can write down things people need to know about your zone if they are coming in to dispatch. This can be phone numbers for terminals to call, information about the well site, or anything like that.


Where to find the Notes

The Notes live in a panel that is on the Board tab. If your screen is large enough. if will show by default.

If your screen is smaller, or maybe you have a split screen, then it will show collapsed into the button, "View Notes". All you need to do is select the button and it will pop out the notes from the right side of the screen.

Adding notes to the Notes Panel

Adding notes into the notes panel is just like adding notes into a word document. You can add bullet points, bold and underline text, etc. Keep in mind that after your notes are finished, you need to save before you can leave the screen. Otherwise your changes will not show to anyone else.

Editing Notes

In order to edit a note, just click the edit option and that will open up the text editor for you to change whatever you need.

Marking as Read

Whenever you make a change to the notes, this will mark the notes as unread for all users in the application. In order to mark the note as read after changes, Just select the "Mark as read" button and this will remove the button and place a label on the top that the note has been read. For the user entering the notes, we suggest doing this right after you have saved the note.

This concludes the article for managing the notes in a zone. If you have any questions, please reach out to for assistance.